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I Help People and Organizations Excel in their Performance and Achieve their Goals


Raj is a successful entreprenuer, having started and run a number of multi million dollar businesses and consults for organizations on how to create a driven internally motivated workforces.

Raj Singh has been involvement in Oil & Gas (Upstream and Downstream), Petrochemical, Marine and Construction Industries for more than 25 years within Singapore, Asia, Australia and Middle East.

He started and ran his own businesses and has been providing consulting, advisory and training to the Top Management of organizations as well as projects. Raj's clientele includes Shell, PTTEP, PTTEP AA, Reliance, Aker Floating Productions (Norway), Aker Borgestad (Norway), Rubicon Offshore, Seaproduction (Norway), AGR, SABIC (Saudi Arabia) , BLNG (Brunei), SLNG, Petronas, Lend Lease and more.


Raj is a prolific writer and authored of seven books. He has spoken on TedX, World Speech Day, OffShore Korea and many other platforms. He has appeared on international and local media platforms with his speeches and sharing's. 

Currently Raj is semi-retired, prefers to box, workout at the gym, do Parkour, run, read books and take care of the kids. He believes that time is precious and we need to do things that we love. 



I work with individuals to improve their performance

and achieve their goals

I have 2 types of Clients

Organizations and Individuals


Both of them have the same demands. To excel in their performances and achieve their goals. They are fed up with being stuck in their present situation and know that they can do more if only they had someone coaching them. 

When working with organizations, I work with the Leaders and may bring in my consulting company to uncover issues before moving forward

Working with individuals, typically I want to have a conversation with them before to understand where they are and where they see themselves. Its not just about business or financial goals, it also involves career goals, at times family issues and wellness. 


Coaching is not my main business or source of income. 

I am selective of clients. Its about working and seeing them grow. 

Its about seeing them take steps in the right direction.

However my time and effort is valuable. 

So before we commit to anything, lets have a discussion.




Raj is more than just a motivational speaker, he is also a thought leader

Raj is and always will be a thought provoking speaker. From his talk on Life Lessons on TedX, to him being invited to Institute of Technical Education (Singapore), Singapore Management University, Vietnam Universities, to private companies like Shell, Petronas, ABB, Saudi Aramco as well as his widely circulated videos in Singapore. 

He has an innate ability to inspire and motivate people. He draws them in when he speaks. Raj works with companies on the theme or the general topic before he crafts his message. He works on the emotional angle of speaking. 

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