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Coaching Sessions

I provide coaching services to Business Owners and Individuals who want a change in their lives.  
Now, I cherish my time with my family, my kids and working on various physical activities from running, to working out in my own gym, to boxing or learning BJJ or even doing Parkour.

Time is precious to me.
Coaching or speaking is not how I make money. I make money from my multiple businesses. But that doesn't mean I want to throw away my time and energy.
Again I cherish my time with my teams as well as Clients. My corporate clients hire our companies for our services and at times want me to assist them in their needs. My own consulting fees are 4 digits per day. 
While I would love to help everyone, I believe that "Free is a Disease" its never cherished or appreciated and people won't commit. 
Time for everyone is precious. It would not be fair to me, my family, my staff or my Clients if I provide free Coaching or Mentoring for the public. 
I also don't have time for time wasters. People who expect someone else to take charge of their lives and bail them out of the problems they themselves created. 


  • People who are ready to commit to changing their lives or business.

  • People who are already running a business but have stagnated

  • People who are ready to put in the work.

  • People who are open-minded and willing to try new things.

  • People who are ready to invest in themselves.


  • People who are looking for short cuts or magic bullets.

  • People who do not accept the responsibility of where they are in life right now.

  • People who think that things will get better by doing the same things or by luck.

  • People who just want to try because it sounds good.

  • Negative people.

My time and Fees

Book me for 3 months with two (2) forty-five minute calls (one call every forth night) every month at SGD$1000.
(or if you are in Singapore, we can meet over coffee)
Payable before the sessions commence. 
Calls will be made on fixed schedules (example- Tuesday 3pm) 
Commitment renewed each and every 3 months.
Why 3 months?- You need time to make changes in life. Its not a magic bullet. 
Now the step is simple, fill in the form below and we will have a no obligation phone call and if we make a great match, we will take it from there.

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