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Get a head in life

How do you get ahead in life?

After all you've spent years in school studying and now have come out into the working work. So how can you get ahead in life?

Sure you must love what you do. But honestly you still have to put food on the table, a roof over your head, take care of your kids future and have something saved up for not just a rainy day but your retirement.

In simple terms- you must make money too

I am very clear in this- you cannot make money by deception, illegal means or stepping on someone else. So how can you make money?

Working hard/Hard Work is important- but I have seen the difference between my father working hard and when I worked hard. So lets not focus on "hard work", "discipline", "inspiration , "motivation" etc.

There are only 2 ways to get ahead 1) Be a SUPER SALES person (not just market your product but sell it, close on the deal and get repeat customers)

2) Be an EXPERT. (not just a generalist, not just someone average at some things, but the GO TO PERSON when it comes to a specific thing)

Of course if you can be both the SUPER SALES person and the EXPERT- that is a killer. However just being one of these is enough.

So ask yourself HOW can you do so!

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