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What do I spend my money on?

You notice that when you were young, $300 allowance was just enough. Later $1000 was just enough, Now some people live paycheck to paycheck? I know because that used to be me too!

So what do I spend my money on?

Rather than just share what I spend money on, let me share what I don't spend my money on. -New phones. I have a iPhone7plus (gift from the wife). The front facing camera shakes, that's why I record my "selfie videos" -Branded clothes. I like looking and feeling good, but its brands aren't necessary - New computers, mine works. Yes its got tape on it to hold it together but internally its fine! PS not a Mac! - Yes I (USED TO) fly economy class (except with the family)

Ok before you think I'm Raj McScrooge, I do spend money on things. I do like to do these I dote on my kids (school, studies, food, health,) I donate but I don't tell people about it (now is not counted) I buy books, ecourses, and things that make me grow I spend on health (not just money but time!)

I spend on my personal wellbeing, like Saucony running shoes.

I spend on essentials like good pillows, mattresses etc I do spend on things that improve efficiency in the workplace.

The problem is that people are not taught to manage their finances in school. Surprising isnt it!

So how do you get better at managing your personal finances?

For a start, remember that you are responsible for your and your families lives. Think of areas in your life where you are wasting money.

Think how to cut costs and also think if you have extra money, how can you improve your knowledge/skills/expertise so that you can make more money.

Before you buy anything, think about it. Sleep on that decision. Maybe the next day you'll realize you don't need it!

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