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Work Hard, Stay Humble

So David Beckham was in town over the weekend. Yes we all know him as the superstar football (soccer for Americans), a celebrity brand ambassador and a successful businessman.

Its strange how "internet gurus" and all those Youtube/Instagram ad gurus all claim to have been poor and now are rich but show off their (rented) cars, (borrowed) branded clothes/accessories and show this air of arrogance yet someone like David Beckham was has done it all seems to be well grounded. He was even caught walking around outside without any body guards or minders.

There was an event hosted by the 987 Radio DJ Joakim Gomez with Ikhsan Fandi, Jade Rasif and Christabel Chua and they had positive things to say about David Beckham. Jade Rasif was quoted “When it was time to clear the stage, David saw the staff lifting the chairs to clear the stage. I noticed he left the line-up, and when I turned around I realised he was helping the staff move the furniture.“Although he was not meant to host a meet-and-greet, he took photos with every person in the room, and shook every hand. After the show he proceeded to walk outside the store centre to greet the fans waiting outside and to thank them for their support.”

She pointed out that it was the personification of the quote, 'Work hard, stay humble'.”

So - Work hard but stay humble.

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